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What should we work on next?

We want Cebuya to be as relevant to you as possible, so we have put a voting system in place that lets you decide which topics we will complete next. Our goal is to have 2000 completed keywords and 2000 completed companies. (Please see our sample topics for examples of what we mean by complete learning materials.) We have already added thousands of keywords and companies to our database so you can see which topics are related to each other. So far we have completed {{keywords}} keywords and {{companies}} companies. If you are interested in an incomplete topic, you can vote for it. The more votes a topic gets, the sooner we will complete all the related information.

Each topic that is incomplete has a "Vote" button in the top right corner of the page. Click on this button to add your vote. To cancel your vote, just click the "Cancel Vote" button (which will appear after you have clicked "Vote").

If you are interested in a topic not available in our database, please contact us.

You can see which topics Cebuians have voted to the top by visiting our Most Voted page.