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Proper pronunciation is something that many ESL students neglect. However, you often make your first impression with potential employers and customers through speaking. Proper pronunciation will allow you to communicate more effectively in the business world. Incorrect pronunciation not only hinders communication, but can be quite embarassing, especially when it comes to company names.

Cebuians practise their pronuciation skills by repeating after recordings of native speakers. We recommend that they listen to a new keyword or company name twice, then try to repeat it out loud. This should be immediately repeated 3-4 times. Next Cebuians should listen to an example sentence twice, then try to repeat the entire sentence out loud. This should also be repeated 3-4 times. If, after this, a student still does not feel confident pronouncing the word, then we recommend repeating the whole process (perhaps with a different example sentence) the next day.


In the future, Cebuya would like to offer opportunities to have live discussions led by native English speakers. If you have any suggestions on how this could most effectively help you improve your speaking skills, please contact us.

Sample Topic

You can view a sample topic for free to listen to some sample recordings of native English speakers.