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Cebuya's reading content is different from the other sources of online reading materials by being integrated in ways relevant to those learning business English. News articles, company information, and keyword definitions are linked together by the Cebuya editors so students can quickly become familiar with the topics they are interested in.

For example, when looking up the definition of "chapter 11," a student will be informed that he should also look at the definition of "TARP" and that he should read certain, specific articles regarding Lehman Brothers going bankrupt. These are links that are not commonly shown in other places on the internet, but can be extremely helpful when a student is attempting to impress co-workers, customers, and potential employers.

Quiz Yourself

After reading through a topic, you can test your comprehension by taking a short quiz. Cebuya quizzes are designed to give you quick feedback on your progress towards understand a topic. They are also a great way to test your reading comprehension.

Work in Progress

Cebuya is constantly being updated, but our database is not yet complete. Our goal is to have completed learning materials for 2000 keywords and 2000 companies. Please see our sample topics for examples of what we mean by complete learning materials. Currently we have {{keywords}} keywords and {{companies}} companies with completed learning materials. Since our database isn't complete, we are offering an 80% discount off our normal price of {{full_price_currency_link}}. If you sign up now, you will only pay {{current_price_currency_link}} per month. Once we reach our target of 2000 keywords and 2000 companies, this discount will no longer be available. Please see our pricing page for more details.

Sample Topic

You can view a sample topic for free to see to some examples of Cebuya's reading materials.