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Wide Variety

Cebuya is a wonderful resource for practising listening comprehension. You can listen to recordings by native English speakers of keywords, definitions, example sentences, company names, and more. We also have listening comprehension quizzes, allowing you to test your skills to see how you are improving.

Many Accents

We have recordings by native English speakers with several different accents. Currently most of our recordings are done by male or female North Americans. However, we are working to add recordings by British and Australian speakers. Please contact us to tell us which accents are the most valuable to you.

Work in Progress

Cebuya is constantly being updated, but our database is not yet complete. Our goal is to have completed learning materials for 2000 keywords and 2000 companies. Please see our sample topics for examples of what we mean by complete learning materials. Currently we have {{keywords}} keywords and {{companies}} companies with completed learning materials. Since our database isn't complete, we are offering an 80% discount off our normal price of {{full_price_currency_link}}. If you sign up now, you will only pay {{current_price_currency_link}} per month. Once we reach our target of 2000 keywords and 2000 companies, this discount will no longer be available. Please see our pricing page for more details.

Sample Topic

You can view a sample topic for free to listen to some sample recordings of native English speakers.